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West Chester Church of the Nazarene
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Be Our Guest

At West Chester Church of the Nazarene, our goal is to help people develop a deeper relationship with God and become a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome to join us on this journey, no matter where they are in their faith walk. The people of our church are seeking God, asking questions, learning, unlearning and relearning the things we need to know to experience God in practical ways. We want to live a Christian lifestyle – to be holy and to be real.

When You Arrive
Park in the parking lot and then come through the main front door. A greeter will welcome you and guide you to where you want to go. If you have kids, they can point you to the programs available to them. Children are welcome to attend the morning service with you, but most kids prefer our Beginner’s Church. The choice is yours!

Sunday Morning Worship – 10:45 am
Our morning service begins at 10:45 am and ends around 12:00 pm. A typical service includes Scripture reading, prayer, singing and preaching. Our live worship music is a blend of contemporary Christian choruses with some older hymns, accompanied by guitars, piano and organ in various combinations depending on the song. Our Pastor preaches Biblical messages that present the truths of God’s Word in a relevant manner for all phases of spiritual life. Even if a person has never been to church or doesn’t know much about God, there is no need to worry about understanding. The Bible has a way of making things clear! What we experience on Sunday carries through to help us during the week. We get a renewed perspective on life when we connect with the personal hope and practical help that God gives.

Biblical Instruction on Sundays – 9:30–10:30 am “Sunday School”
For those who want specific Biblical teaching, Sunday School for all ages is available before church. There are age specific classes for children up to Junior High, a Senior High group, and two classes for adults.
Sunday School gives children a foundation in God’s word early in life that will help them apply Christian principles as they get older. It is also great place for adults to grow by going deeper into God’s word and by building relationships with others who are seeking God.
So we invite you to come as you are... join us as we seek God together... be amazed at how God will express His love to you!
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Our Pledge to You
We understand that no one church can be all things to all people. So if you visit and find that we are not the right church for you, we will help you find a one that better suits your needs.

Common Questions
Who will I meet?
We are everyday people from the West Chester and surrounding areas who are looking for community and a life with Christ. Our congregation is comprised of unique individuals: we are intergenerational, multi cultural and emerge from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Average attendance on Sunday morning is about 75-80 people, so you won't feel lost or overwhelmed when you walk through the doors. Rather, we hope that people attending our church quickly feel at home and that a visit will lead to West Chester Church becoming a person’s regular place for worship and spiritual formation.

Do I have to stand up in front of people?
No. We do not formally pinpoint or introduce newcomers in the service or unexpectedly volunteer newcomers for a moment of public speaking.

Do I need to wear fancy clothes?
Not at all. Some men wear suits and ties and some wear blue jeans and baseball jerseys. Some women wear dresses, many wear slacks. We simply ask that out of respect for the Lord and others, you cover yourself appropriately so as not to offend or be a distraction. Examples of dress that might be offensive include men’s or women’s tops that are skimpy and show a lot of bare skin; men’s or women’s shorts that are very short, or women’s skirts that are very “mini”, etc. You get the idea… a sweater or over shirt will often do the trick! (And we thank you in advance)

Do I need to bring money?
Not necessarily. Because we consider giving an act of worship, we do receive tithes and offerings during the morning service. However, no one is obligated to give and we do not expect first time visitors to participate unless they so choose. No one will think less of you if you decide not to give or do not have the means. We also do not want to discourage those who would choose to participate, so if you want to give, that’s fine too. God will bless your decision either way - He knows your heart!

Do I have to turn my kids over to a stranger?
As a Christian preschool and day care provider for over 40 years, we understand well the concerns that parents have for the safety and security of their children. We are doing our best to make sure that your children are in a fun, safe place. Children's workers are carefully selected and are experienced at offering supervised instruction in the classrooms. You are welcome to stay with your infant or elementary child the first few times if you have concerns or want to know the teacher better. Junior and senior high youth leaders are well trained and experienced at avoiding circumstances that may compromise a teenagers well being. We share your desire to make sure your child is in a safe learning environment.

How do I get there?
We are located on Darlington Street between Price and Dean Streets in the borough of West Chester. (directions)

Where do I park?
We have a large off street parking lot directly in front of the church. Enter from Darlington Street.

Other Questions?
If there is anything that we have missed, please contact us!
Phone: (610) 692-3120


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