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WCNCS — Toddler Program

Our toddler program is designed to meet the developmental needs of toddler-age children. We continue to love and nurture each toddler. We also stimulate each child to expand their knowledge of the world around. The toddler age is a very curious and exploratory time. We will present opportunities to allow a toddler to explore and discover.

Age Requirements and Class Sizes
There are two toddler classes offered at West Chester Nazarene School:
Wonderful Ones — Ages: 14 months to 24 months
Totally Twos — Ages: 24 months (as of September 1st of current school year)

Teachers and Assistants
Our teachers and assistants are qualified individuals that meet or exceed the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. We always have two caregivers in the classroom with the toddlers. All teachers and assistants are carefully screened and interviewed prior to employment. We welcome you to get to know the staff by stopping in and chatting if your day allows you the time.

Program Requirements
Diapering. We ask that the parent provide all diapering needs. Please send disposable diapers only, labeled with your child’s names. Wipes, creams and ointments are all the parent’s responsibility. Please label everything. We only wish to use what you use at home on your toddler’s bottom. When potty training begins, we will assist parents in this adventure. We report progress daily.

Food. Our dietician prepares meals and snacks daily. A menu is distributed each month. Your toddler is welcome to participate in our lunch program. Meal preparation is completed for the entire school. Toddler foods are sliced and diced as needed. If your child does not wish to eat our lunch, the parent must send in a lunch in a brown bag. Contact the Director if you have a question.

Health Regulations. Upon registering your toddler into our program, we will provide you with a Child Health Appraisal that will require a physician’s care and signature. All toddlers must be current with all check-ups and immunizations. As your toddler receives more inoculations, we will need notification by your pediatrician, on letterhead from his/her office, with the physician’s signature. All immunizations must be up to date.

Illness Policy. We do not accept children when ill. Please use the following guidelines:
Children should stay home when:
1. Fever exceeds 99 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Vomiting has occurred within 24 hours.
3. Diarrhea has occurred within 24 hours.
4. Excessive runny nose.
5. Undetermined rash.

If your child becomes ill during the day, we will contact the parent. We will expect the parent to pick up the child early. As contagious illnesses become present, we will also notify all parents, so you may be aware of the illness.

Medication. We will only administer medication under a doctor’s prescription with the parents’ written request. We keep a medication log for parents to sign. All medications must be in the original container with the child’s name and prescription on the label. We will never administer anything to your child without the parents’ written permission.

Napping. Each toddler will be napping on an individual cot or mat. Parents may send in a blanket, pillow and stuffed animal for nap. Each Friday all bedding will be sent home for sanitation. The cots will also be sanitized each week.

Security. Upon entering our program, each toddler must have photo identification. We also need a photograph of each person that will be allowed to take your toddler home. This would include a photo of Mom, Dad, grandparents, etc. that the parents have indicated are eligible to come and pick your toddler up at departure time. This ensures us at we are releasing children into the proper hands. We will also ask for photo identification (driver’s license) from the third party when they arrive for the child.

Curriculum. Our teachers and assistants will provide age appropriate activities using songs, fingerplays, toys and games to enhance the development of the child. As your child matures, more activities will be introduced.

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